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    Sarah Rhodes - Rose Coloured Amaryllis

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    • Description: Botanical Studies
    • Date: 1804-1805
    • Condition of Plate: Excellent. The dark spot in the right margin in the photo is simply a thinner spot in the vellum. The lighter spots on the leaves in the photo are reflection of the light on scratches that are unseen on the painting itself.
    • Condition of Work: Overall Excellent. They were hinged into conservation mounts at one time, and retain the archival tape, which is located on the back of the page in the extreme upper edge, outside the image area. The vellum is a little wrinkly in spots, but would flat.
    • Paper Size: 9.75″ by 11.75″
    • Image Size: NA

    Sarah Rhodes’ Botanical Studies

    These unique botanicals were created by Sarah Rhodes, an amateur botanical artist in 1804-1805. She employed the use of both watercolors and gouache on vellum to produce images that are light and flowery yet solid. They have been passed down through the family preserved in an album.

    Rhodes was born in 1787 in Leeds. In 1807, she married Stephen Nicholson who inherited Roundhay Park estate in 1833. After Rhodes death in 1862, the property was willed to Nicholson’s nephew’s widow and children. Due to a dispute among themselves, the estate was sold to the city for the benefit of the public.

    Due to the translucent quality of vellum, a white background was used instead of our usual black, to capture the color of these images more true to life.

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