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    Williamson, Captain Thomas Williamson, Captain Thomas - 035 Work: Oriental Field Sports Authors: Captain Thomas Williamson and Samuel Howitt Date: 1819 .. Product #: williamson-035 Regular price: $750.00 $750.00 In Stock

    Captain Thomas Williamson - The Ganges Breaking its Banks; with Fishing

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    • Work: Oriental Field Sports
    • Authors: Captain Thomas Williamson and Samuel Howitt
    • Date: 1819
    • Condition of Plate: Very Good. The text offsetting is barely visible due to the color of the background.
    • Condition of Work: Very Good. In general, these prints have some extremely light to moderate text offsetting in the image areas. Many of the margins are lightly toned with some scattered foxmarks. Occasionally, the foxmarks extend just barely past the plate marks.
    • Paper Size: ~23.5″ by 18.5″
    • Image Size: 19″ by 14.75″

    Thomas Williamson and Samuel Howett’s Oriental Field Sports

    These unique aquatint engravings are from the work entitled Oriental Field Sports; being a complete detailed and accurate description of the Wild Sports of the East... authored by Captain Thomas Williamson and illustrated by Samuel Howett. This second edition of the work was published by Thomas McLean in London 1819. At the time, big game hunting in the East was popular English sport. This work depicts the dangerous, therefore thrilling, hunt, "scenery [which] gives a faithful representation of that picturesque country," and "the manners and customs of both the native and European inhabitants." Williamson, a British Officer of the East India Company lived in Bengal for 20 years. His "original, authentic, and curious anecdotes... render the work replete with information and amusement." Williamson also provided the original sketches from which Howett created the engravings. Howett was a sportsman as well as an accomplished self-taught artist, which gave him the knowledge to create realistic renderings of the hunt. Some experts claim Howett to be second only to Stubbs for his work as a British animal painter. The work itself is proclaimed as "The Most Beautiful Book on Indian Sport in Existence" by Schwerdt. In the expressive preface, Williamson claims that in this work: "the British Nimrod may view with no small satisfaction a new and arduous species of the Chase. The Artist may reap a rich harvest of information;... The Philosopher and the Historian may either confirm or correct their conceptions of former details." These fine elephant folio prints are on woven paper that measures ~ 23 1/2″ by 18 1/2″.

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